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Dystopia Soundtrack

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:31 pm
Before you say anything, I'm not taking credit for making the music to Dystopia. That was all bioxeed, as credited in the tags of the original MP3 files for these tracks. The only thing I did here was get these files out of the Dystopia game directory and add a bunch of tags to them to make it look more like an actual album release. Even so, I'll happily take this down if requested by anyone associated with Dystopia.
So, I was bored, and remembered how a long time ago I did crappy uploads of the Dystopia soundtrack to YouTube. I thought to myself, "Man, I could do way better than that now," so I did. ... sp=sharing

This RAR file contains every unique music track in the game files of Dystopia, all by bioxeed. All I did was polish up the tags a little bit and add simple album art from one of the menu backgrounds from the game. Here's a tracklist (ordered roughly by year added to the game, according to the original tags):
  1. Blue Rain - 5:36
  2. Dystopiate - 5:12
  3. Vaccine - 5:24
  4. Bleak - 4:10
  5. Incomplete Objective - 3:56
  6. Spider Trap - 4:21
  7. Spider Trap Mk II - 6:08
  8. Spider Trap (Opening Salvo Edit) - 0:52
  9. Spider Trap (Dystopian Edit) - 1:06
  10. Version One - 3:52
  11. Serenities End - 2:31
  12. Damaged Twilight - 2:37
  13. Conflict Aria - 2:30
  14. Impatient Reconaissance - 3:01
  15. Placid Reprisal - 3:48
  16. Systematized Delusions - 3:15
  17. Depth (Short Version) - 2:08
  18. game_startup - 2:14
"game_startup" was the only one without a title, so I left it called "game_startup".

I'll change pretty much anything about this if necessary, but, for now, I hope this makes a good addition to any Dystopia fan's music library.

Re: Dystopia Soundtrack

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:02 pm
by KindredPhantom
Nice! I appreciate your dedication.

Re: Dystopia Soundtrack

PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:59 am
by Mathison
Thanks for posting! Dystopia has an incredible soundtrack.

Re: Dystopia Soundtrack

PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:34 am
by Sturdevant
Thanks a lot for sharing. I love this ST.