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Puny Human FastDL

Postby Neon Girl » Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:17 pm

Puny Human now has a FastDL server hosting maps and other custom content for both Dystopia and Blade Symphony! For the time being, I'll be managing the server in my free time.

To setup your Dystopia server to use the Puny Human FastDL, add the following line to your server's server.cfg
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sv_downloadurl "http://fastdl.punyhumangames.com/dystopia/"
The following Dystopia maps have been successfully tested on 1.3 and uploaded to the server. Please help me expand this list by testing other maps on 1.3 and PM'ing me if they work.

Custom Game Types
br_frost_b3 | Download (Bombing Run)
dys_spacenades_beta3 | Download (CTF)
dys_spamball_s4 | Download (Spamball)
dys_spamball2_beta5 | Download (Spamball)

Assault Style Maps
dys_anarchy_b4 | Download
dys_breach_b2 | Download
dys_crysmack_b3b | Download
dys_damage_b1 | Download
dys_drilling_v5 | Download
dys_desert_v3_b1 | Download
dys_infect_fixed | Download (Original Threads)
dys_parallax_b10 | Download
dys_parity_b5b | Download
dys_phobia_b2 | Download
dys_spiderweb_b3 | Download
dys_spiral_b2i | Download
dys_subtech | Download
dys_tower_v204 | Download
dys_unitopia_a21t | Download
dys_wellb14 | Download (buggy)

Phistball Maps
pb_ellipsis_beta2 | Download
pb_timebomb_a16_pr | Download

Challenge/Surf/Training Maps
dys_gallery_b2a | Download
dys_parkour_v1 | Download
dys_virtusky | Download
sav_dojo6| Download (Old Thread)

The server hosts other, untested and older maps. You can browse the full list of Dystopia content here.
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