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Postby Sensenmann » Fri Mar 30, 2007 5:38 pm

--------------- CHANGELOG ---------------

dys_anarchy_b4a (will be released soon)
Added: Overview/mini-map
Added: More JIPs

Changed: Larger doors
Changed: Obj. 2 --> sub-objective

Fixed: Small bugs

[+ more changes (details follow)]

--------------- DOWNLOAD ---------------

dys_anarchy_b4 - Mirror 1
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Postby Sgt_Hobo » Fri Mar 30, 2007 5:53 pm

I didn't quite make the MFP (timezones don't like me :( ) but I downloaded the map and gave it a quick run-through.

It took me 7:10 to finish the map by myself. I don't know if that helps you in any way but that's what I got. I hadn't played Anarchy in a while (since b2?) so it seems like a legit test. The icon system is quite helpful on this map and when you get around to making the map overlays, that should really help as well. I wasn't nearly as lost this time so good job there. :D
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Postby icepick66 » Fri Mar 30, 2007 6:05 pm

I found the first area very confusing, and had to walk towards the blue objective indicator constantly eventually i found my way out.

Obviously this can be solved by a mini map
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Postby Sensenmann » Fri Mar 30, 2007 6:17 pm

thx for your feedback!

A mini-map/overview will be included in beta4a which will be released soon!
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Postby shock » Fri Mar 30, 2007 6:20 pm

Might not make much sense , but i tried :P
its late .... might edit it later

Obj 1 : Havent seen a corp come farer than to the hallways ,(outside the spawn after the bridge, after the car)
you could just put some thermal turrets inside them
and let punks start a bit closer.
Objective room: Punks have 1 entry corps 2 and all of them are so small
(punks should have 2 too n and not next to eachother like silo .
D: this room could also need some extra space id say.
actually tnh i dont like the thing we have to shoot , put something cool there like a core or so

havent done 2

Obj3:generally like it but the doors are too small , especially the obj door,
since there can camp 3 guys inside.
I think that the room b4 the buttonrom needs 2 entrys.
What i dont like about that obj is, that you come up the stairs and
have to look for your enemys while all enemys see you immeadiatly and shoot at you from 3 sides(silo likeagain).
From the 2 do0rs and from the free space infront of the obj .

I like the Vent on the bridge it makes that obj a whole lot more interesting.Good thing is that punks get over the gap but corps cant.
wich also means they will camp the obj room more often
Maybe make the room punks drop into a bit bigger?

Alltho the hackroom itself needs bigger doors and maybe a bigger room
where the staircases meet , so it isnt so easy to spam defend all entries from there.The jip room could also be a bit bigger maybe.

The hall after that is pretty big , not sure if it needs to be smaller but the fights in there were somehow strange .

Last obj: Those ramps are easy spammable with gls and whatnot,
that the sniperdeck lets the sniper see right to the doors doesnt help there.
Organized people wouldnt let anyone trough.

Then again i just played 4 rounds...so dunno.
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Postby The RJ » Fri Mar 30, 2007 7:01 pm

Objectives 2 and 3 should probably just be combined into one objective
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Postby Juan » Fri Mar 30, 2007 7:32 pm

I love the cityscape, one of my favorite little bits is coming out of the first punk spawn or crossing the bridge and seeing the orange buildings in the background at dusk. the cyberspace is also fun to look at and jump around in.

this is based off three rounds in the playtest session and running through it offline for a while.

OBJECTIVE 1 - destroy the powerstation

the multiple passages suffer from too many dead-end doors. there's a small bug with one of the punk turrets not shooting corps in the room with boarded-up doors and a pair of elevators.

it might be interesting to have the power station send out a final surge of electricity that kills everyone currently in the room, like the reactor in fortress. otherwise punks have to backtrack anyway while objective 2 is being hacked.

OBJECTIVE 2 - deactivate the shield

make this a sub-objective for objective 3, since people stand around unsure what to do instead of heading to the spawn capture. otherwise, make it clear that they should be defending the hacker from stealthers.

it's sort of annoying that you're just hacking at the same spawn after doing the apparently pointless objective 1, so maybe the jip for this could be moved somewhere else in the city after the power goes down?

OBJECTIVE 3 - capture the spawn

there's only one way into the room and the button you actually push is fairly small. one or two heavies can easily camp the doorways for a while, so it'd be nice to have a sneakier way to at least get into the middle area.

OBJECTIVE 4 - hack the spawn

there's a bug with wedging ice mines in the door/bridge cyberspace. the tunnel above the bridge is a little weird to get into with legboost jumps as a light or a medium, though raising it might make it impossible for heavies to get in.

the jip room and the hallway outside are extremely small and claustrophobic. the jip needs more cover, as it's hard enough to get to, much less defend, while corps just stroll through both doors. the cybertube could stand to be halved in distance, as the hack is already extremely frantic.

what's the passageway outside of the punk spawn's right exit supposed to be for?

OBJECTIVE 5 - destroy the control station

put a wall or column in front of the ladder leading to the corps' sniping platform right outside their spawn, as it's very misleading for punks. it could also provide a little cover for freshly-spawned corps, depending on how wide you make it.


there are a few spawns where you have to immediately turn 180 degrees after you exit to actually get to the objective, which doesn't help with the sense of dysorientation. this happens to punks on the fourth objective and both teams on the last objective.

I realize that a lot of the map is supposed to be symmetrical, but on the first obj. corp / fourth obj. punk spawn, this could be remedied by having a corp exit at the "front" and a punk exit at the "back", each of which would be disabled or destroyed depending on which team currently owns it.

I'm not sure how you could solve this with the last objective, but maybe the minimap will help out.

overall this is a pretty tasty addition to the third party maps!
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Postby MarvintheParanoidAndroid » Fri Mar 30, 2007 7:51 pm

Didn't get to play it all the way through, so just a few quick notes: firstly, yay for an alternative route for objective 3 at long last! :D

It's still quite a confusing map to navigate, I imagine the minimap will help to some extent but the early objectives feel like there might even be too many routes to the objective, it does get confusing. (Disclaimer: This comment may be completely inaccurate if things have changed a lot, I missed most of the early objectives)

People were noting that it was punk-biased in the mfp, which is probably a good thing, I remember older versions being very hard to complete. Although seeing as not everyone really knew the map, I don't know how that will reflect on the map's eventual balance.
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Postby Crazy Fish » Sat Mar 31, 2007 5:12 am

some stuff that hasnt been said already,

Make sure obj2 can be retaken, its really confusing atm.

Make all cyber buttons take up a least half the screen, not some small peice of text (mainly the thermal turret button)

Obj2 the cyber button area needs a redesign its to easy to projectile camp atm - also make the corp decker attackable by punks, because its corp biased atm.

Obj4 make the cyber buttons toggleable or at least the same as other cyber buttons - corps hit the capture bridge button and it expands atm, which is kinda weird - you also have to wait untill its fully expanded before you can retract it.
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Postby Persol » Fri Apr 13, 2007 9:41 pm

I don't really have much helpful feedback. Just that I liked the last version of the map, and I like this version better. Minor comment really:

-The ladder to the pipe over the bridge is ugly
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Postby Crazy Fish » Sat Apr 14, 2007 5:36 am

doors probably need to move slightly faster, the few i open took about half a second until i could walk through them.
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