Work with us?

We want to make cool stuff, and every now and then, we need help. We’re a small, self-motivated group, all over the world. Be smart about this, if you require babysitting or micro-management, we probably won’t work well with you. If you can’t stay on top of your work, or available to chat, we probably won’t work well with you.


Be good at what you do. Know when you mess up. Have kindness towards others.


Send us an e-mail with a link to a resume, portfolio, code-snippets, and anything else that helps make your case.


System Administrator (6 month contract)

We have a large infrastructure, and only a few people available to help manage it from time to time. The infrastructure needs service; cleaning up useless stuff, updating old stuff, and making things easier for developers. If you can do that, and have the below qualities, you’re set.


Know these:

  • Highly skilled with multiple flavors of Linux (Ubuntu, Arch, Gentoo and CentOS preferred.
  • Can manage complex virtualized environments and interactivity between multiple web or application based hosts.
  • Experience with Apache, SVN, OpenVPN, phpLDAP and other FOSS.
  • Experience with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or other IaaS/PaaS
  • Experience with LAMP-stack web-development a plus.
  • Experience with game development a plus.


Be these:

  • A team player, willing to help regardless of peer relationships or target project.
  • A self-starter, able to be motivated regardless of situation or circumstances.
  • A fast-learner, that can admit ignorance and perform research to gain knowledge
  • A problem solver, can critically think about issues and circumstances, and affected parties.
  • Open-minded, willing to be a devil’s advocate or hear new ideas and thought.
  • Tolerant, that doesn’t care about what makes somebody a human being.