About Us

Well, hello there.

We're Puny Human and while you're reading this we're most likely making video games, or drinking coffee! We're an independent group of people with a strong passion for gaming and game development. Puny Human was put together in 2007 by friends who have been casually playing and working together for years. We all share one thing in common: an intense love for great games.

+ What is independent?
  • When a game developer brands themselves as independent or "indie," it means that to them, it is important to not have outside interests conflicting with important decisions that will potentially detriment the quality of the game. Independent groups like Puny Human purposely choose to remain as small teams, using minimal budgets and people they are close with in order to make fun games, with no strings attached.

Initially, we developed game "mods," and boy was that fun! Over time, we grew into a group that focuses on fun games that bring something new to the table. We like to think it's because of our history working on game modifications, but it could just be that we are creative people!

We value our fans first, so we know that it's important to deliver an artful and impacting experience in a game, before releasing something to fill up the piggy bank. Its important to us, as those creative-typey folk, to always remain eager to learn more about game development and contribute to the art of making them! If we didn't learn and help others, well that wouldn't be very human of us, now would it?

+ What is a mod?
  • A "mod," or modification, is a game or alteration built using the pieces of an existing game. This is a completely creative process that is separate from the author of the original content, resulting in something fresh and original.