Hey, Hello!

It’s a pleasure to meet you

We’re Puny Human and, while you’re reading this, we’re most likely developing, coding, designing, and playing video games. We’re an independent group based in Raleigh, North Carolina with a strong passion for gaming and game development. Since 2007, We’ve been working hard to produce unique experiences and now have a few titles under our collective belts.

Our story was kickstarted by our early days of developing game mods, such as Dystopia for the source engine. Over time, we’ve grown up into a group that focuses on bringing something new to the table. We’ve since worked on Blade Symphony and Galacide, and we plan on developing more sweet titles in the future to come.

We value our fans and are dedicated to fostering a strong player community. It is important for us, as developers, to listen to player feedback so we can make our games even better. We’re always eager to learn more about and contribute to the art of game dev.



Our Games

Making great games is our passion

We can’t iterate enough how much we love making games. Our team of artists, coders, and developers have worked their butts to the bone bringing these games to life.